1. No caption
2. Bunch of the boys at Conflans, France.
3. Fatigue Duty.
4. No caption.
5. On our way to the boat to come home. Brest, France.
6. Fatigue detail.
7. 4th division field day at Neuenahr, Germany.

It's been a full year now here in Saskatoon and this is the first time Riley and I have lived near family. When I look at these pictures of groups of soldiers I think about how much they must have bonded like family while overseas. I bet some of them kept in touch for the rest of their lives.

Also, speaking of interesting old photographs, if you live in Saskatoon there is a show at the Mendel Art gallery right now titled, KOSHASHIN: The Hall Collection of 19th Century Photographs of Japan and they are outstanding to look see and read about.

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