For the next month I will be traveling through many different cities. I thought it would be a good post to pick out some of the city-scapes in my great grandfather's collection. The Eiffel tower was built in 1889. In the following photo the tower would have been younger then 20. When I saw the tower for the first time I was 15. At that time the tower would have been 108. It was almost 90 years between the time my great grandfather visited the Eiffel tower and my first visit.

Eiffel Tower
Bridge in Paris

Bottling works at
Neuenahr, Germany
Cologne Cathedral Cologne, Germany


Recently my brother-in-law got a golden retriever puppy. I met this little ball of fur while visiting over the holidays. As a good friend of mine says, she is so cute I could "die of cuteness asphyxiation."

I noticed a lot of photographs with dogs and puppies in my great grandfather's collection. It makes me wonder what the deal is with soldiers and dogs? Or maybe my great grandpop just liked dogs? Whatever the case, these photographs are delightful.

The first photograph has writing on the back that says "Richmond and his mascot."

The third photo "Gentre with one of Luut. Mudd's pup."

Forth photo "Richmond and Williams with German police dog."