These photographs are posted in the spirit of Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year will also be extra special because my husband and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary.

In the caption my great grandfather uses the term 'doghboy'. I believe 'doghboy' was intended to be 'doughboy'. They were American expeditionary soldiers that took part in the later years of WWI.

Apparently the term existed prior to the war as a British and American nickname. They later became known as GIs. There is a lot of speculation as to where the term came from. You can investigate this further by searching online.

Photograph 1 caption:
American soldiers as actresses having a little trouble
Photograph 2 caption: American 'doghboys' dressed as actresses


Have a gander at these dapper boys (no writing on back).
Paul Jacot, far left, on a machine shop truck unit (written on back of picture).


When the first soldier lit his cigarette, the enemy could see the light. When the second soldier lit-up from the same match, the enemy could take aim. When it was the third soldier's turn to light-up, the enemy would fire.

Welcome to my photography blog. I have a passion for black and white photography and many things old. My intension here is to showcase my great grandfathers collection of photographs, postcards, and clippings from WWI because they are beautiful and full of history. Take note that I am not a historian. The information I am providing connected to these images is either in my great grandfather's writing on the back of the picture or from a basic internet search.