1. No caption
2. Bunch of the boys at Conflans, France.
3. Fatigue Duty.
4. No caption.
5. On our way to the boat to come home. Brest, France.
6. Fatigue detail.
7. 4th division field day at Neuenahr, Germany.

It's been a full year now here in Saskatoon and this is the first time Riley and I have lived near family. When I look at these pictures of groups of soldiers I think about how much they must have bonded like family while overseas. I bet some of them kept in touch for the rest of their lives.

Also, speaking of interesting old photographs, if you live in Saskatoon there is a show at the Mendel Art gallery right now titled, KOSHASHIN: The Hall Collection of 19th Century Photographs of Japan and they are outstanding to look see and read about.


Picture to left: Sgt. Sauds eating a hot meal at the top of a mountain near Wittlich, Germany This gives you a good idea of how we cooked our meals. We are all standing back of the camera while preparing the meal we had a big snow storm and the sun happened to shine through once hence the picture

Picture above: Mess time at Neuenahr, Germany Left to right. Gouft, Brownt, & Jacot

Picture to left: Anderson

Picture to left:
Mess hall at Brest which could feed eighty five thousand men in one hour

Paul C. Jacot's ration card

Of course this update is much overdue. We are getting close to Canadian Thanksgiving now and I find myself digging through my grandfather's photos just as I am digging through piles of oak leaves in my back yard taking in all the little intricacies.
On that note, the following photographs depict scenes of military mealtime in the "mess hall." I have also scanned one of my great grandfather's origional ration cards. Ration cards allowed the government to distribute scarce goods in a fair and equitable fashion.


For the next month I will be traveling through many different cities. I thought it would be a good post to pick out some of the city-scapes in my great grandfather's collection. The Eiffel tower was built in 1889. In the following photo the tower would have been younger then 20. When I saw the tower for the first time I was 15. At that time the tower would have been 108. It was almost 90 years between the time my great grandfather visited the Eiffel tower and my first visit.

Eiffel Tower
Bridge in Paris

Bottling works at
Neuenahr, Germany
Cologne Cathedral Cologne, Germany